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1967-1969 F-Body LS Swap Headers 1-7/8 Stainless Mid-Length - Camaro - Firebird

These Hooker BlackHeart LS Swap Headers work perfectly with 1967-1969 GM F-Body (Camaro and Firebird) and 1968-1974 GM X-Body (Chevy Nova, Pontiac Ventura, Buick Apollo and Oldsmobile Omega) vehicles routing exhaust gases away from the engine while enhancing power and torque. Hooker's mid length headers provide the optimum horsepower possible from a mid-length design.
This particular header is a 1.875" (1 7/8") mid length header, with a 3" collector, made from 304 stainless.
***This Hooker Blackheart product has been designed only for use on vehicles which are equipped with a stock front subframe and stock steering and suspension components.
It is not compatible with any Hooker Blackheart product that has been designed specifically for use with Detroit Speed products.
1.) O2 bungs are not present on these headers, but are provided on the related available adapter tubes
2.) Bolt-in compatible with T56, T56 Magnum and 4L60-4L70 transmissions
3.) Installation with a 4L80/4L85 automatic transmission will require trimming to the transmission case bellhousing; installation into older generation GM automatics (TH350, TH400 etc.) may also require trimming to the transmission case bellhousing.


  • Flat-finished TIG welded flanges provide superior port sealing
  • Deep formed collectors and investment cast collector spears provide enhanced flow characteristics and visual appearance compared to available mild steel versions of these headers
  • Design provides maximum ground clearance available from a set of headers; ideal for extremely low vehicle ride heights
  • Bend geometry optimized for superior spark plug serviceability and plug boot/wire clearance
  • Compatible with OE manual, OE power (Saginaw 800), 3rd-gen F-body, 1983-88 G-body quick ratio and Delphi 600 series steering boxes
  • Available adapters provide bolt-in connection to Hooker 2.5” and 3” exhaust systems for this vehicle application
  • Compatible with Ridetech Tru-Turn steering system components
  • 100% Stainless steel construction provides best thermal efficiency and corrosion resistance available in this header design